Day 106: I Almost Faint

Let me preface this story: I used to be a Certified First Responder and the president of my ambulance youth corps. My Thursday nights consisted of sitting on a weathered couch in the Ambulance hall and waiting for a call. And when I would get one, nothing would bother me–no matter how bloody, disfigured, or scared the victim would be. I just wanted to help. That was when I was 17. Now, at age 26, don’t you dare come near me if you’re bloodied or broken. Why? Because I’ll probably end up alongside you in the ambulance. This is why I was little help to Sean today when he sliced open his finger.

Sean's stitched finger

Sean’s stitched finger

We had six ducks to break down this morning, and Sean and I started taking off their legs and wings around 8:30 a.m.. By 8:45 a.m. I heard a very calm, “Oh shit, I just got my first cut in culinary school.” He said it so nonchalantly that I thought it was on par with a paper cut. That is, until I looked over, and saw a bloody kitchen towel and a quickly paling Sean. Things got serious when Chef told him to call the doctor who stitches up all ICC students who accidentally cut themselves. Sean was sent to the front of the kitchen to sit down, drink his juice, and try not to pass out. But then he was sent in his uniform to the doctors to stitch up his finger. And his departing question to chef was if his temporary absence will affect his perfect attendance. It didn’t. And Sean received the award for best attendance yesterday at our class picture “ceremony.”

With Sean’s absence, I was in charge of the canape so I made a babaganoush, which turned into a hummus. I don’t know how to make this eggplant dip, but Chef Nick told me to grill eggplant and then blend the meat with chickpeas, tahini, fresh oregano, lemon juice, garlic, and salt. Unfortunately his ratio of chickpea to eggplant was a little off (and our resident Turkish student, Ceylin, told me babaganoush shouldn’t include chickpeas) because it came out tasting exactly like hummus with no evidence of eggplant anywhere. But it was a damn good hummus.

TIP OF THE DAY: Spike your hummus-loaded cracker with a zesting of lemon and sea salt. The pop from the citrus and the bite of the salt bring this popular dip to another dimension.


One response to “Day 106: I Almost Faint

  1. oh my gooodenss! when i first saw this pictures i thought that was your hand! (i should have known that your hands are way daintier!) i’m glad sean is okay but i’m glad it wasn’t you either!!

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