Day 109: The Perils of Lobster Stock

I need to make a confession: I lost my cell phone last night, and with it, all of the pictures I took during class. To say I was frazzled would be an understatement. Perhaps it was karma since last week I was making fun of Hank for losing two phones in six months. I pray I’m not on the same track.


Luckily I texted Sean this picture before I lost my phone.

So today’s post will have a different visual affect. My sister had a great idea.

“Why don’t you draw what happens during class,” she offered.

So I came up with a cartoonish version of how to make a lobster stock because sometimes I find it frightening. And once I finished drawing this pathetic picture, I missed Ruby (yes, I named my phone) even more.


TIP OF THE DAY: If your flambĂ© doesn’t ignite, use your wooden spatula as a match.



5 responses to “Day 109: The Perils of Lobster Stock

  1. loved the cartoons! maybe you could start from the beginning of the blog and create a comic book series…you could make yourself a super hero….SUPER CHEF! able to lift huge stock pots in a single motion, (no male assistance necessary)!

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