Day 107: Fennel again?

Okay, Sean. We need to get you some help. Fennel has become your obsession. If there was a cologne made from it, you’d bathe in it.

I hate fennel, but I’m ashamed to say–after relentlessly mocking Sean about his sentences that included the words “fennel pollen”–I really like fennel pollen. It’s like Provençal herbs. And Sean used it in his pasta special today: gnocchi in a cream anisette sauce topped with lemon zest, fennel pollen, prosciutto, Parmesan cheese, and garlic-infused oil. Another thing about Sean? None of his dishes are simple. They all have a million components because I think he’s always trying to out-do himself, and I say that with pure respect.

My role in this complex pasta dish was making the gnocchi. I rolled out and shaped gnocchi for about an hour and had people hop in and help me because I must have looked sad as the lunch line coiled around me and my flour-dusted work surface. The saddest part was I never got to taste the gnocchi because it sold like hot cakes and we had limited supply. So I tried the components with homemade cavatelli.

TIP OF THE DAY: When making gnocchi, cut in the flour little by little. Use as little as possible to make a fluffier dumpling.




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