A Valentine’s Day Surprise

Dear UPS Man,

You just made my year. Thank you.

I just got a visit from Mary-Kate in student services who said she was riding the elevator with “a UPS guy” who randomly asked her if he knew “Sara who writes Fork Adventures.” She does, in fact, and you asked her to tell me that you think my blog is awesome.

UPS man, I wish I knew your name so I could properly thank you, but you just made me happier than any mountain of cheese burgers ever could. I graduate on Tuesday, so my posts are numbered, but knowing I have fans outside of my immediate family makes me elated.

Now, I owe you a post for today and yesterday’s class. My bad. Stay tuned. But in the interim, I leave you with this picture from yesterday’s class picture. This was taken after I found out I won the menu project–basically a themed-menu equipped with stories and photos. Mine was called “Dinner from a Cann” because I grew up with a mother who loved canning fresh produce (and my last name is Cann. Could it be more perfect?) Every dish involved a different canned preserve (think: Pickled Cherry Pepper Croquettes).  My prize was a copy of Jacques Pepin’s techniques cookbook (more like textbook), and all my chef-instructors signed it. How will I leave this wonderful place?!

That's my excited face.

That’s my excited face.

TIP OF THE DAY: You’re never too old to write a thank-you note.


2 responses to “A Valentine’s Day Surprise

  1. Congratulations, Sara! What a clever and wonderful menu idea! I’m going to miss reading your blog very much when you graduate 😦

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