Day 105: Striped Bass vs. Sara


Striped bass. Note my scissors are the length of a pencil.

When Chef asked me if I wanted to “jump on” bass, jumping on it would’ve been easier than filleting it. Why? Because I didn’t realize bass comes in 20-pound versions that are about three feet long. The thing was about half my size.

And I got a lot of heckling from the peanut gallery.

“That thing is about your size, Sara” was one snide remark from Chef Jeff.

And about 40 minutes into butchering this beast, I got another “How you doing?” from Sean. Probably because he saw me on my tippy-toes trying to lift this fish, and probably because it should’ve only taken me 20 minutes–max–to separate the fillets from the carcass. Fish fail.

TIP OF THE DAY: When filleting fish, manipulate the fish so you don’t have to lean over it so you can see what you’re doing.


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