Day 92: Save the Pig!

One of my earliest memories in life is standing on the beach in Cape Cod, and screaming into the ocean-lined horizon, “SAVE THE PIG!”

No, there wasn’t a heritage pig barreling into the crashing waves. But I could’ve sworn my tiny, pink pig toy was floating off in the distance. My shrill was so terrifying that my mother ran over to only find my little toy still in my hand. I was in such a tizzy that I thought I saw something unnaturally pink in the sea that I could’ve sworn it must have been my piggy. That is, until my mom pointed out that I was holding on to it. It was probably at that moment my mother started to worry for my future.

But my long-winded story has a point: This morning, my team needed to save the pork dish. Why? Because we mistakenly forgot to cook it. Let me explain.


Yesterday, we cooked pork and had half a loin ready to serve today. That was until Chef gave it away to the a la carte chefs. So when we wrote our prep list this morning, I crossed off “roast pork at 10:20” because we thought we had enough. Then at 11:20 a.m., Tom went to fetch the pig, and that’s when we realized we didn’t have any meat to serve. Zoinks. The upside? I’ve never seen Tom move as fast as he did this morning. He was in auto-pilot. He prepped that pork (basically slathered it in butter) and got it in the oven within 10 minutes. I was proud of my team. We patched our boo boo before Chef noticed. (Thank God.)

TIP OF THE DAY: Read a recipe and check your pantry before you go grocery shopping. There’s nothing worse than coming home to an empty bag of flour.


2 responses to “Day 92: Save the Pig!

  1. Great tip…can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a recipe and found that this little piggy had to go back to market!

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