Day 93: It’s the final countdown

This is it–my last 21 days in school. Luckily I didn’t have a lot of time to dwell on it today because it’s a) restaurant week, b) it’s the first day on saucier, and c) I’m working with a new group…an all-boys group. Just call me “Mama Cann.”


Searing a tri-tip

Chef Jeff immediately split us up in twos so each team could each tackle a dish. Ron and I jumped on the steak dish while Sean and Hank worked on duck. Team Ronara killed it. (Ron hates our team name, so ideas are welcome.) Granted, tri-tip, the tip of the sirloin, is the easier dish, but I hate cooking protein for the fear of mucking up a beautiful cut of meat. But today went really smoothly for the first day on the station.

It was nice changing up the team because you get a taste of other people’s personalities. Hank adds comic relief to most situatons. He’ll start singing in falsetto or take a jab at Chef, which only he can pull off gracefully. Ron is a styling man. When he takes off his hat, his hair is perfectly quaffed, which makes me feel miserable about my endless hat-hair days. And Sean is our bearded, resident perfectionist. You’ll catch him mumbling under his breath “look at this shit” as he cleans up our station or complain about the “lack of flow.” But it was only our first day so I told him to take a chill pill. Monday willl be better, I told him. (Thinking to myself that today went 100 times better than any of my days in Level 5. It looks like I don’t have to be the anxiety-stricken teammate this time around.)

I look forward to working with these boys. They bring their A-game every day, and it’s just another opportunity to learn from my peers and prove how a woman can improve a situaton. Muahaha.

TIP OF THE DAY: Over season your steak. Coat it with salt and pepper. Why? Only the outside will be seasoned, so you want a nice bite of salt and pepper on the perimeter so the center tastes seasoned as well.


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