Day 91: I Miss Lunch…AGAIN

I get into the kitchen around 8:30 every morning to get a jump on my prep list. But by 10 a.m., I feel behind, and by 11:30 a.m.–when lunch arrives–I only have time to walk past the trays of food and give them a nasty glare.

Today, I was “bar back” as my team likes to call it. I was basically helping plate both dishes whenever Tom or Gabby  needed assistance. And in the interim, I made carrot cocottes, the fastest way to get carpal tunnel syndrome.

Rabbit being plated

Rabbit being plated

The rabbit dish has a lot of components: Braised rabbit leg, fresh pasta, mustard sauce, seared rabbit loin, carrot cocottes, and pearl onions. And we prepare each element every day. The only part I like about this dish is the pasta. It’s got a great bite to it, and fresh pasta always tastes better than the stuff you buy from the supermarket (even if it says “Made in Italy”). I have to restrain myself from eating strands of it after we saute it in butter and dust it with tarragon and parsley. It’s such a sin (in my opinion) that we then drown it in a mustard sauce. Mon dieu.

TIP OF THE DAY: Next time you’re making breaded chicken cutlets, try mixing in some mustard and herbs in your bread crumbs. It’s an easy and affordable flavor booster.


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