Day 90: Pesky Rabbit

My favorite part about service is when Chef Hervé is the expediter and calls out the orders. He’s classic French. I know I said that about Chef Dominique, but Chef Hervé screams French. I mean, his mustache curls upward in a cartoonish way, his goatee is devilishly slick to match his thin chin, and his accent brings me back to my days in Paris when a waiter would respond to me in (heavily accented) English after I answered in French (argh).

Chef Hervé

Chef Hervé

After a long day on my feet, trying to push a dish out on time, I usually find myself repeating the orders (long after their due) in Chef’s accent.

“ONE HOR-DOR RAB-BEAT.” (One order rabbit.)

It’s even better when Chef Henri yells out orders.




Uh, I know I’m not a master chef, but my food isn’t garbage.


Oh. My bad. Ma faute!

I’m going to miss these Frenchies. Adopt me, please.

TIP OF THE DAY: When you’re putting sauce on a plate, hold the spoon or ladle closer to the cup. That way, you’ll have better control over what you’re pouring.


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