Day 69: The Lasagna Workout

Lasagna is pretty simple: Sheets of pasta, ricotta, and meat. But when you’re making lasagna for hundreds, it becomes an Olympic sport.

Giant bowls of lasagna and tiny Albania

Giant bowls of lasagna and tiny Albania

We use bowls that are big enough for me to bath in. And when we fill them with bolognese, a meat stuffing, they weigh as much as me. And since I was on protein today, it was my duty to mix all the ingredients together, which sounds like a simple task, but a) the mixture was deep enough to swallow my whole arm and b) ground meat is dense and heavy.

I found the longest spatula, and started paddling through this meat. But it turned into more of a sloppy Joe food fight. I had to muscle my way through this filling. When I finally got the spatula to move, there was too much pressure, and meat went flying. Luckily chef didn’t see. But he did see Albania (who is smaller than me) and me struggling to move this bowl to the lasagna assembly line.

“I’ll be mighty mad if you drop that,” said Chef.

Uh, yeah, so would I. We’d lose our feet, Chef.

TIP OF THE DAY: Want to beef up your lasagna? Try adding cooked sausage as a filler.


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