Day 68: Tea Time

While most people trim meat or chop vegetables, I sneak away to the burners to brew tea because frankly, I’m obsessed with iced tea. (And it beats chopping 20 pounds of lettuce or snapping peas.)

A Big Batch of Tea

A Big Batch of Tea

Every day I make a batch for family meal, and I get a high when I watch people pour themselves quart containers full of tea. And to make it exciting, I’ve been experimenting with exotic ingredients like cardamom. Crack open this expensive seed and you’ll release tiny droplets of cardamom seeds that smell like chai tea (which makes sense because that’s the main ingredient). Other days I muddle mint and ginger and stir it in. And when I’m pressed for time, it’s just sweet tea with lemon. I think I’m becoming a southerner. I’m sorry I made y’all just read 128 words on iced tea.

And just so you don’t think I’m skirting other responsibilities, after the tea was brewed, I hopped on meat-cleaning duties. It’s weird, but I felt empowered removing the silver skin on these steaks. Perhaps I’m meant to be a butcher. Or Dexter. (Just kidding, for those of you who don’t understand my humor in person or on paper.)


TIP OF THE DAY: Turn your iced tea into a warm, spicy chai by adding milk (or better yet, cream), cardamom and sugar to freshly brewed black tea.


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