Day 70: Sous Chef Chaos

Every day a student plays the role of sous chef, basically someone making sure the food gets out on time. And today was my time to shine, except…I didn’t.

There were a lot of issues that swelled into the perfect storm of chaos. First, we were out two people. Not just people, but two males who usually do the heavy lifting (literally). So it took us a while to recruit two people to go to the walk-in to retrieve the heavy boxes of marinated pork. The next problem was the vegetable: bok choy. It was taking way too long to cook (boil, saute, and then shock).

Every sous chef’s challenge for Level 4 is to get lunch down to the level 5 and 6 students in the school’s restaurant, L’Ecole. And they’re not gracious when the food comes a minute late. So every day we try to push the food out the door by 11:20.

At 11:15, we pulled out the pork and only half of it was cooked. We sliced the cooked pieces, packed it into hotel pans and started to tower the pans ready to go. When we finally got the rest of the meal stacked, I started to load the cart to bring it down to the main kitchen. And that’s when the pan slipped, and half of the meat fell on the floor. And a “NOOOOOOO!!!” slipped from my mouth (along with every curse word known to man). It went down like this:

Luckily Chef didn’t see. So we salvaged whatever didn’t touch the floor, and delivered a half-filled pan of meat to Level 5. How’s that for on-time food, Level 5?

TIP OF THE DAY: Secret ingredient for marinating pork? Ginger.


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