Day 102: Holy Mackerel!

Today’s to-do list was more packed than yesterday’s “make potato salad.” We had whole mackerels to fillet, which brought a little more excitement than usual. Perhaps it’s their silvery sheen or the fact that this fish is pretty that it attracted many suitors:





Once everyone had their fun, I cut off its head and took a slicing knife and went straight across its spine. Morbid, I know. Then, we packed the two fillets under a bed of spices, salt, and sugar and let it cure for one hour. We portioned and seared it so the skin crisps up and served it with the potato salad and a squirt of briny salsa verde, which I LOVE because it has the bite of capers and anchovies. Salt lick.

TIP OF THE DAY: Cure whole fillets rather than portions. It’ll help keep the flesh intact.


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