Day 101: Potato Salad. That’s it.

No really. I pretty much just a potato salad today. Why? We didn’t get an order of mackerel for our first day on garde manger so we had nothing to fillet or cure for our Cured Spanish Mackerel appetizer.

Team Ronara has been broken and now I’m partnered with Hanky. He was in command of searing the mackerel and I made the potato salad that sat underneath this elegant dish. (Well, I think it’d be more elegant if we didn’t drag a spoon through the salsa verde, and just let it naturally fall out of the squeeze bottle.)


So to say the least, I was bored. And embarrassed. I over-cooked my potatoes–my sole responsibility. But Chef stressed having a tender potato. So I kept cooking it until the center was nice and tender. Problem is that when you have to cut potatoes into a dice, you’ll end up with something resembling mashed potatoes. At least the potato salad wasn’t meant to be the star of this dish. The silver-skinned mackerel is the lead actor.


This is an example of a proper potato salad. I didn’t photograph mine.

TIP OF THE DAY: To tell a potato is properly tender, with light fingers, insert a pairing knife into the spud. If it easily inserts and lifts up the potato, but then the spud falls off–it’s done.


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