Day 73: That’s a Wrap

After today I won’t have to scoop out the muck leftover from giant pots of stock.

What's left after you strain veal stock

What’s left after you strain veal stock

Or lift things that weigh almost as much as me.

I won’t be serving on the lunch line or delivering food to a hungry, testy bunch of students.

After today, I will be in the school’s restaurant, L’Ecole. But I will let the record state that I will miss family meal, Level 4. I was nervous about it in the beginning–with all the lifting and the idea of mass-volume cooking–but it awarded a great opportunity to work with a lot of people in my class, and I feel like I emerged a (physically) stronger cook and better friends with my classmates.

And as I preached to one classmate, Shikha, my theme song for Level 4 was “The Woman I am.”  Why? Because we’re both little ladles in a big kitchen, and whenever we had to lift a pot of stock that weighed around 50 pounds, I would starting singing “I am WOMANNN!!!!!! Hear me ROAR”

TIP OF THE DAY: My meal today was  a mushroom egg noodle dish. The sauce was delicious and easy. Saute any type of mushrooms and deglaze with soy sauce and red wine.  And then add cream and reduce.


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