Day 72: Sara’s Salty Cornbread

I love cornbread. Not salty cornbread. Sweet cornbread. And I was on that delicious path until Chef hit the breaks on me. Let me tell you the whole story.

I was on chicken stock today, but throwing sixty some-odd pounds of chicken parts in a steam kettle doesn’t take long. So I walked around to see who needs help. And I landed on a cornbread assignment, which is great because I love making cornbread. In fact, I made my recipe for family meal two days ago. And when my partner Vaughn tasted it, he said something along the lines of, “BAM. That’s good.” Pretty much made my year.

But today, I started to quadruple the batch when Chef came over and asked what I was doing with all four cans of cornmeal. Making cornbread? Apparently, the vegetable team needed some to deep-fry their okra. So I had to scoop out some cornmeal from my already mixed cornbread batch. There goes my precise measurements. So whatever I scooped out didn’t include the quadrupled amount of salt. And when I was serving, I decided to snag a piece of my suspicious looking cornbread. And then I spit it out into my gloved hands. Real classy. And then Chef deemed it inedible for the line. Awesome.

My day got even better when I started to fill a pot with water on the stove. We have a convenient faucet located above the flat top so you don’t have to carry a heavy pot of water to the stove. I walked away from my massive pot as it was filling up, and mentioned to my classmates that I have the faucet on. No one heard me, and a few minutes later I could hear a roaring sizzle coming from the back. And then I heard the booming voice of an angry chef. Bah.

At least I’m not the dishwasher:


TIP OF THE DAY: My cornbread failure turned out to be a real win for the okra cooks. If you’re deep-frying vegetables, dredging your vegetables with cornmeal is tasty. But adding sugar, salt, and baking powder is even better.


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