Day 62: How to Make Churros

I used to be a ballerina (a lousy one, that is) when I was younger, and there was always a joke when dancers had to buy pointe shoes: You’d try on about 10 pairs, and usually end up buying the first ones you tried on. That’s how I felt today in class.



We have our grand buffet tomorrow, and everyone was assigned multiple dishes to work on. One of my responsibilities is churros, basically a Spanish doughnut. And I got a recipe from a co-worker whose mother is Spanish and used to make these for him. All it required was equal parts water and flour. But when we attempted it, we couldn’t get the inside of these narrow doughnuts to cook.

So then we tried a pate a choux recipe. And I apologize to any Spaniard out there who’s reading this and is cursing me for trying to impose a French dough on a Spanish dessert. It worked, but it didn’t taste like a churro to me–way too eggy.

So we relied on Google to help us. told us to use flour, water, and oil and then deep fry. Instead of oil, we used butter, but when we fried the dough, we got a hollow tube that had a break-your-teeth crunch.

So after three strikes, we decided to go back to the first recipe, add more water to thin out the batter and see if we could make it work. It did. Thank God. We ended up with a soft, light doughnut that had a slight crunch and a sweet kick thanks to the sugar and cinnamon bath right after being fried.

TIP OF THE DAY: If you’re making churros, all you need is one cup of boiling water and one cup of flour. Blend the two ingredients together until smooth. If the mixture is too viscous to be piped into the fryer, add more boiling water.


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