Day 61: Homemade Wieners

Every morning, I’m usually the first to walk in for the buffet group. And I’ll find Chef Marc  deep in the refrigerator, snacking on something that is never quite right for breakfast. Case in point? Chorizo.

Spanish chorizo (left), Mexican chorizo (right)

Spanish chorizo (left), Mexican chorizo (right)

He ordered an extra package of chorizo for our Spanish-themed buffet on Friday, but Mexican chorizo was delivered. At 8:30 in the morning, I found him slicing this potent sausage and popping them in his mouth to check its flavor against the chorizo we made. His reaction was awesomely French.

“It’s like comparing Kraft cheese to French cheese.”

Burn Mexican chorizo. Burn.

We filled out our day focusing on preparing for Friday’s buffet. Some people worked on making ham, cheese, and salted cod croquettas. Others worked on marinated tri-tip, a cut of meat I learned about when I wrote this series. And at the end of the day, we learned how to make frankfurters:

Start with pork and fat:

Pork + Fatback= Hotdog

Pork + Fatback= Hot dog

Put it through a grinder:


Paddle it in a giant mixer and then insert into “The Dick”:


And voila!



TIP OF THE DAY: The best part about making hot dogs is twisting them into individual servings.  Pinch the casing on either side of the dog and then swing the meat between your fingers as if it was a jumping rope. The ends will twist and you’ll end up with a synched dog.


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