Day 50: It Feels Like Another Midterm Day

Yesterday I was forced to make two dishes. Today, I had to make two dishes because my partner didn’t show up.

Salad Nicoise

But one of my dishes was a salad nicoise, which isn’t difficult or too time consuming. You just need patience to boil each vegetable to the perfect temperature and then individually dress them with a wine vinaigrette. The only hard part about this dish is adding enough salt. I spent about five minutes dressing and seasoning each of the nine components of this salad, but it was still under seasoned when I presented it to Chef Marc.

When I removed the remains of lettuce leaves from my station and started to flambé my pork chops, I realized I had 10 minutes left. Nothing like a little stress to make you work faster. I was about 15 minutes late presenting my chops, and that was with a few extra hands helping me put everything on the plate. Oh, we’ll. I’ll be more organized next week during my actual midterm.

TIP OF THE DAY: If you’re making chops, try to cut (or buy) chops that are roughly the same size. If you don’t, remember to pull out the smaller chops sooner than the fatter chops.


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