Day 49: Mock Midterm Take Two

I spilled a pot of boiling water all over the floor. That was the start to my second mock midterm.

Chef fixing a broken hollandaise

The rest of the day proceeded like this:

“Hey Sara, I’m almost done with this pot of boiling water if you want to drop it on the floor for me,” said one heckling classmate.

Today’s timed challenge was to make a poached egg resting on a bed of diced vegetables and layered with a spoonful of hollandaise. It was delicious. Chef kept tasting it trying to find something to critique, but instead he just kept shoveling in teaspoons. Score.

Our second dish was the beef bourguignon, which again, is a pain in the ass to make. But I got it out on time, and it tasted decent. My biggest downfall was keeping the beef in the oven too long to braise and the sides became scorched, making my sauce taste a little burned.

TIP OF THE DAY: If your hollandaise sauce breaks because it’s too warm, add a few drops of cold water and slowly whisk them in.


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