Day 32: An Introduction to Nutrition

I have my suspicions that today’s recipe was a scaled back fish recipe (pun intended) because it was to be followed by a lecture on how chefs can impact a person’s health. So today’s crispy sea bass sat on top of a bed of lentils and was dressed with a light vinaigrette. No butter or cream! C’est incroyable, non?

Pan-seared sea bass

Well, it’s probably because it’s awkward to lecture students on good nutrition if you just dropped half a pound of butter in a recipe. But every day I’m topping off a sauce with butter (the French even have a name for this, “monter au beurre”)  or pouring cream over some kind of protein. But regardless, The International Culinary Center has worked in a week of nutrition lesson’s by Chef Gregg, the same chef who told us to wash our hands.

I used to work for Men’s Health magazine, and covered a lot of nutrition stories. So it took every ounce of my strength to pay attention since most of what came out of Chef Gregg’s mouth were things I already knew (and most people should know). Case in point? What makes a good diet? A varied and balanced diet. Duh. (Just don’t watch me eat in class.) And then, to make this lesson even more ironic, in the midst of Chef Gregg talking about calories, the pastry students dropped off some leftover cake for us to have. Classic.

A well-timed gift from the neighboring pastry class

TIP OF THE DAY: Want to lose weight? Keep a notebook on you to keep track of what you eat. And remember: One pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. What are you eating every day?


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