Day 31: Crepes and Maggots

Crepes Suzette

Thanks to a sharp-eyed student, we were all saved from eating maggot-infested buckwheat flour.

We were supposed to make two versions of this French pancake–a Brittany-style crepe (or galette) made from buckwheat and a regular crepe. But pests got to this flour before we did. So we made a double batch of regular crepes (made with all-purpose flour) and filled half with an addictive mushroom and gruyere filling. We soaked the other half of our crepes with a butter-orange sauce.

Chef holding up chocolate to show whether it’s tempered

Part of pastry week is learning about chocolate, and it’s not simple. Have you ever tried melting chocolate in the microwave and it comes out a crusty, burnt mess? After listening to a pastry chef talk about tempering chocolate, or melting it to a workable state, you realize that you have to have patience to be a chocolatier. This pastry chef demonstrated the “seeding” method of tempering chocolate. Basically, melt chocolate over a double-boiler, and then add chocolate chips that have already been tempered. As far as I understand, tempered chocolate introduces beta crystals, which are the most stable crystal in chocolate and makes it easy to mold the chocolate into something or use as a frosting.

Tempered chocolate can be made into chocolate fans for decoration

TIP OF THE DAY: To make smooth crepes, form a well in your flour mixture and slowly whip in the eggs and milk rather than adding everything all at once.


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