Day 25: My Flip is a Flop

Growing up, I hated omelets. I equated it to fried vomit. Chunky bits of vegetables webbed into a disk of eggs, and outlined with a crusty brown veiling was  never my first choice on a menu. And after today’s egg-centric lesson, I might hate omelets even more.

Chef flipping his omelet

Flat omelets, like the one above, require flipping–without a spatula. And Chef gave us one piece of advice when flipping: Go in 100 percent or you’ll end up with a broken omelet. Well, I went in like 35 percent, and ended up with about 30 percent of my omelet missing (see above). I was the only student who couldn’t flip an omelet.

Shika properly flipping her egg (unlike me)

What a flat omelet should look like

At least the rest of egg day was a success:

Poached eggs:

Rolled omelets:

Baked eggs with cream:

TIP OF THE DAY: For the best scrambled eggs, cook them over a low flame and continually stir them to avoid a rubbery mess.