Day 24: Stuffed.

It’s getting to a point where I don’t want to step on a scale. Every day I walk in with a fresh confidence that I won’t indulge on the day’s meals (that’s plural), and I’ll hold back on whatever desserts seem to float our way. Did it work? No. And I’m so mad with my lack of willpower that I’m willing to be cheesy: I’m completely stuffed…on stuffing day.

Chicken stuffed with…chicken.

I think everyone’s ears perk up when you hear the word “stuffing.” It’s probably the best side dish on the Thanksgiving table, but what we did in class today was nothing like anything I’m familiar with. We made a stuffing from minced, sauteed mushrooms and mixed it with raw pureed poultry. (And when Chef popped some in his mouth to check the seasoning, my skin started to crawl.) Then, we piped it into a deboned chicken drumstick and baked it. Simple, right? Not. It kind of made me miss grabbing fistfuls of stuffing and packing it inside a turkey.

Chef piping stuffing into his chicken leg

TIP OF THE DAY: Want to make a quick fois gras? Saute fatback (chunks of bacon fat) until it renders its fat. Turn up the heat and add shallots, mushrooms, thyme, bay leaf, and chicken livers (keeping them slightly under-done). When livers are done, flambe them with brandy and empty into a bowl. Season mixture and refrigerate. When cold, puree the mixture and pass through a sieve for an extra fine texture. Serve on toasted bread!

Nick working the livers

Ricardo’s on fire (just look at Ron’s face behind him)

Chloe flambeing our simple fois grois


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