Day 97: Semmiifffrreedddooo

Pastry is always a welcomed station after the stresses of saucier, but for Ronny, Hanky, and Seany, desserts are a little foreign to them. And it’s pretty amusing to see them question what “creaming butter and sugar is” and panicking about how to make a Swiss meringue. Boys, boys, boys. I loved watching you scratch your head. Sadistic, I know. But for once, I feel like I got something in the bag. You’re in my house now. Watch and learn. Muahahaha.

Team Ronara made the semifreddo, or as Chef Mimi says in an Italian accent, “Seemmmiiifffrreddooo.”



It’s a smooth, thick, and addictive frozen dessert made from whipped cream, espresso, Swiss meringue, sugar, and egg yolks. And the key to getting this dessert right is timing.

I jumped on making the Semifreddo first while Ron handled the garnishes (the white batons of Swiss meringue and the chocolate sauce). I learned the hard way that you should whip your cream ahead of time before your blanchired (basically over whipped) eggs. That way, your eggs won’t deflate while you’re trying to make peaks out of cream. And you want to multitask when you’re making this dish. Blanchir your yolks and sugar on the KitchenAid, and at the same time whisk your egg whites and sugar over a double-boiler for your Swiss meringue. When the sugar is melted, and your yolks are fluffy, transfer the Swiss meringue to the KitchenAid and remove the blanchir mixture. If you start out like this, you won’t have an issue.

TIP OF THE DAY: When making a Swiss meringue, the first step is to whisk egg whites and sugar over a pot of boiling water to melt the sugar. No one wants a grainy meringue right? But don’t be afraid to actually touch the water. Just make sure you’re quickly whisking and occasionally removing the bowl from the heat so your eggs won’t cook. Your meringue will go twice as fast.


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