Day 78: Garde Manger

Garde manger is the appetizer station. And it looks directly onto possonier, which is terrifying. It’s like watching a scary movie trailer except that will be my reality in 12 days. One girl on poissonier was so flustered she left her kitchen towel on the stove top and it lit on fire. And then Chef Hervi just nonchalantly put out the fire and in a french accent stated the obvious, “Diz is in fire.”

Frisee salad

Frisee salad

But on the less panicked side of the room, I made a salad. A frisée salad with a bacon vinaigrette, roasted cipollini onions, green beans, chives, and bacon bits to be specific. It took a surprisingly long time to complete, which made me feel incredibly lame because…I made a salad.

TIP OF THE DAY: When you’re cleaning lettuce and think it’s clean, snag a piece. Tasting it will ensure it’s not still gritty.


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