Day 76: A Cann Cookie

Chef Mimi

Chef Mimi

Chef Mimi is the pastry chef at L’Ecole, and there is only one word to describe her: Fabulous. She always arrives early, but still looks like one of those perfectly manicured dolls. Every day her lips are a vibrant hue and sometimes a curl will peak out of her hat. And her personality matches. She’s interested to know about your life outside the kitchen. And when things slow down, she gives you an opportunity to spice up the usual repertoire of desserts by allowing us to bring in our own desserts. So today, I added my mother’s very popular ginger snap cookie to the complimentary cookie plate.

Ginger snaps

Ginger snaps

And when I sneaked one to Josh in garde manger (appetizer station), the sound that escaped his mouth after his first bite basically made my year. After that, I had a few classmates coming over to the pastry kitchen to ask me for cookies.


TIP OF THE DAY: Want even-sized cookies? Use an ice-cream scoop.


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