Day 65: The Panic Room

No I didn’t meet Jodi Foster today, but I did start panicking in a metal room.

The Infamous Lamb Trays

The infamous lamb trays

Sometimes being on time is a bad thing. Like when you’re the first to show up and Chef sends you down to the walk-in refrigerator to retrieve the giant box of veal bones and the 20-odd trays of lamb burgers we prepped yesterday. I just stared at him after this request thinking in my head “Those boxes are half my size.” So solo, I took the cart to the elevator and went one floor down to grab the copious amounts of food for today’s lunch.

It took me about 10 minutes to move everything from the fridge to the cart, and apparently that’s too long because an alarm started to go off. And I had no idea how to turn off this obnoxious beeping noise nor did I want to close the fridge door because of my fear of being locked inside a cold, metal box. So it was only until a Chef walked by and shut it off, looking at me like I was an idiot. Awesome.

Cooked Lamb Balls (Meatballs, that is)

Cooked lamb balls (meatballs, that is)

Fortunately, the rest of my day went smoothly. I was in charge of protein, and the lamb burgers came out moist and delicious (at least I thought so until an employee told me he thought they were inedible–thank God I didn’t mention I made them.)

TIP OF THE DAY: When you’re cooking meat, always pull the meat out when it’s two or three degrees under-done because the meat will continue to cook when resting.


3 responses to “Day 65: The Panic Room

  1. Being locked in the walk-in…Scariest feeling ever. Although I’m pretty sure you can’t get locked in unless someone locks you in on purpose.

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