Day 59: We Beef Up the Buffet

When you have a halved pig that weighs more than a 100 pounds, you have enough meat for two buffets. And that’s exactly what we do in Level 4: A charcuterie buffet and a themed buffet.

Tomorrow is our charcuterie buffet, and we spent the day tying together loose ends–literally. We finished making the sausage, and tied them up.

Me making chorizo

Me making chorizo

I made a foie gras mousse and rolled it into a cylinder using parchment paper. (This is a great technique for cookies too. Place your room temperature dough on a sheet of parchment and roll it into a thick rope. Then wrap a sheet of aluminum foil around it and tighten each end as if you were making a Tootsie Roll. This will ensure an even thickness.)

Foie Gras

Foie Gras Roll

The worst thing about about prepping ready-made food is that you have to wear gloves. And I have small hands–carnie hands. And not even the small gloves fit my mini fingers. So I always end up cutting off the tips of my gloves when I’m chopping something.

TIP OF THE DAY: Never wrap food with aluminum foil. Add a layer of parchment or plastic wrap as a buffer. Acidic foods can react to aluminum and eat away at it.


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