Day 57: We’re Introduced to “The Dick”

The kitchen has a distinctive culture–one steeped in testosterone. A classmate sent me an article yesterday about a 23-year-old girl who works in a male-dominated kitchen, and she reports on how her co-workers can make anything into a sex joke. Today’s class would just add more fodder for her article. Cue: The Dick.

The sausage maker is called “The Dick.”

“The Dick” is the machine needed to make sausage. Insert awkward silence. And it gets better. The casings look like condoms, you have to lubricate the spout with oil before you thread on the sausage’s skin, and you have to use a tool called “the prick” to pierce the sausage to rid any air bubbles. Can you imagine how awkward Chef Will felt today when he had to explain this process to us?

Sausage is made up of a third of fat to meat. And we tested this formula with three types of pork sausage: Italian, chorizo, and garlic. And piping meat into a casing isn’t easy. You have to man handle it to make sure it holds a consistent width. And if you crank out the meat too quickly, the casing will rip. Shika, a classmate, and I handled (literally) the chorizo, and we broke the casing every few inches. Luckily you can do some surgery on these cuts by snipping the casing and tying it off so you can start anew.

Spanish Chorizo

TIP OF THE DAY: Run oil through the sausage casing to ensure it’s well lubricated. If it isn’t, the casing will break easily.


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