Day 37: Flounder My Way

All weekend I was fretting over today: Flounder day. Why? Because flounder doesn’t taste like much, and it was our turn to create a recipe to exhibit what we can do with some raw ingredients. And when I started to think about this project, it was like I had never cooked before in my life. I think I went through every type of preparation before settling on shallow-poaching my fish in freshly squeezed orange juice. Why? It would add color and flavor to this boring fish.

Flounder, my way

But even after a weekend of brainstorming, when I presented my dish this morning, I realized my skills were lacking. Severely lacking. I was speechless by the dishes my classmates presented. Cornmeal encrusted flounder on a bed of pureed corn with corn chips? Buttery fish on a mountain of bright, lime-infused mashed potatoes? Ingenious ideas from my talented classmates. It made my fish dish look meager–especially because I forgot to make a sauce to tie everything together. But my rice sauteed with leeks were deliciously buttery, and were supported by a layer of sweet onion and orange relish. And to add some more color, I made a tee pee of carrot, apple, and celery slaw.

Here are a few shots of everyone’s dishes:

Ricardo’s flounder

Stacey’s spicy flounder

Nic’s flounder

Sean’s mostly-eaten flounder (it was that good)

Shika’s lime-tastic flounder

TIP OF THE DAY: Always remember to make a sauce with flounder. It could be as simple as browning some butter, throwing in some capers and lemon segments for a meurniere sauce.


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