Day 34: Seasonal Recipe Day

We have five days left before we take our final exam, and oddly enough, things have been slowing down. Or maybe we’re just becoming more comfortable multitasking?

Sea bass in a port reduction sauce

Today’s recipe wasn’t included in our textbook because it was a seasonal recipe–one that Chef Dominique handed out to us a week ago. (One that I lost exactly one week ago. Thank God I have kind classmates who let me make a copy of their recipe.)

Our first dish was a frisee and endive salad with pears, beets, and roquefort cheese. The combination of roquefort, or blue cheese, and the delicate bitter green, endives, is a really fresh and delicious pairing. I beg you to try it.

Our next course was a meaty strip of wild stripped bass that was paired with a heavy port reduction sauce and a variety of sauteed mushrooms. I’m getting a little tired of fish, though.

We were finished around 12:30, and our afternoon was spent going over our impending final and practical material and singing happy birthday to our classmate Armando.

Armando blows out his candles on a tiramisu

TIP OF THE DAY: Want to quickly toast nuts? Throw them in a skillet over medium heat, and continuously shake them. It’ll only take a minute or so for them to brown and release their nutty aroma.


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