Day 28: Puff The Magic Soufflé

All bakers share a common urge: Prematurely opening the oven door to check on a dessert.

And that temptation is tripled when it comes to souffle. Why? Because it’s mystical. How can something without a chemical leavener like baking soda or baking powder double in size? And how can you not peak to see it happen? Well, I had to resist–not only because I had a chef eyeing me–but because it could deflate the egg whites that cause this souffle to puff.  When it is finally ready, make sure you’re ready to eat it ASAP because within 10 minutes you go from serving an impressive dessert to a deflated one. Wah wah.

If you want to make a more predictable (and sturdy) dessert, try a frozen souffle.

Frozen fruit souffle

Egg whites are still folded into this fruit puree mixture, but with the addition of heavy cream and the help of a freezer (to mold it). It’s kind of like eating gelato (but I like gelato more).

TIP OF THE DAY: When whipping egg whites make sure the eggs are room temperature and your whisk and bowl are impeccably clean. If these two conditions are not met, your egg whites won’t peak properly.


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