Day 17: Pork, A Nice White Meat

Chef Laura checking out the chops

“If you want to get rid of somebody, give them to the pigs.”

This was our opening line for pork day. And when Chef said it, I wasn’t sure if this was a French farm secret or something, but luckily he followed this jaw-dropping line with, “I saw it in a movie once.”

For those of you who have no idea what movie reference Chef is talking about, see below.

Our first challenge was cooking a meaty pork chop. Chef warned us not to overcook it. I did the complete opposite: Served it raw. So to try and save our dish, we threw it in the oven. Long story short, we left it in too long and made a chop that would give your jaw good exercise. (At least our mustard and cornichon sauce came out great!)

Our pork chop with mashed potatoes and a mustard sauce

Our second recipe was dream worthy. Pork tenderloin marinated in ginger and jalapenos, which we browned and then finished in the oven. We made a sweet-and-sour sauce that involved caramelizing sugar and deglazing it with vinegar. Then we added it to a stock and reduced so we got a sweet sauce that had the bite of vinegar.

Pork tenderloin with candied lime zest

TIP OF THE DAY: Try marinating your pork tenderloin and grilling it. (We pan seared it, but I can only imagine how great it would taste on the grill.)


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